Roswell New Mexico Season 3

When we return for Roswell, New Mexico season 3, we won’t be picking up where we left off last season. Instead, we are in for a time jump!

That’s right! Season 3 is jumping ahead. But, it isn’t like a ten-year jump or anything like that. Instead, it seems that they have decided to jump forward one year.

And we all know that a lot can happen in one year. But that’s okay because this opens the door for new characters, new relationships, and even more drama.

In the cast interviews posted to the Roswell New Mexico Instagram account, it is clear that while things have moved forward, some things never seem to change.

Roswell is jumping ahead one year when we begin season 3

At the end of Season 2, Liz made the decision that she needed to walk away from Max and do something for herself. That also meant leaving Roswell and actually working in her field. But just because Liz has stepped away from Max, that doesn’t mean he has stopped loving her. And if Isobel is right, then the things that he seems to be doing are his attempts to prove that he has moved on. (We all know that isn’t happening.)

Max and Liz are not the only relationship that is not doing great as we head into season 3. Alex and Michael are another couple that is not together as we rejoin our Roswell crew for the new season. In fact, it seems Alex has a new boo – remember the guy he met at the end of season 2? Yeah, that happened.

And while these are certainly big plot points that we cannot wait to dive into, we also can’t wait to see how Mr. Jones has been wreaking havoc on Max’s life, after all, that is his doppelganger.

After watching the cast talk about the new season and seeing teases of what is to come, we can’t wait to see what comes next for all of these characters. It is bound to be interesting. (And the fact that the new guy who seems to have a thing for Liz comes from a show we loved, The Originals, is a nice bonus.)

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