CFL Season 2021 Live Broadcast

Estimates are that 420,000 Canadians out of a population of 37.59 million no longer subscribe to cable or satellite television. Certainly, many of those are fans of the CFL who wonder how to watch the CFL online? In the past, this would have left them out of luck if they desired to watch CFL action. Luckily, there are several online streaming options available that CFL fans are able to access.

CFL telecasts are only available on TSN, which viewers require a cable or satellite subscription to access
Fortunately, there are several online streaming options for CFL fans who are without cable or satellite TV
Many countries in other parts of the world also offer CFL live streaming options

It wasn’t all that long ago that CFL fans were simply out of luck if they sought out a method to view live action from their favourite three-down football league online. All CFL games are carried by TSN, and the 24-hour sports channel is only available to those with cable or satellite subscriptions.

That all changed with the 2018 CFL season. TSN added a live streaming site and suddenly, fans who’d cut the cord or had never subscribed to a cable or satellite television service were able to watch all of the CFL action all season long, including the Grey Cup game.

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